Investing isn’t an art. 
It’s a science.

About 50 years ago, our Chief Investment Officer Burt Malkiel launched the passive investing revolution.

Passive investing is foundational, but technology is our innovation.

Our software-only solution puts your money to work automatically, while keeping costs and taxes low. And it’s all effortless for you.


How it works

어떤 종류의 상품에 투자하나요?

주요 투자대상은 미국 뉴욕거래소에 상장된 2,500여개의 글로벌 ETF입니다. 이들 종목이 분산투자하는 대상은 무려 총 77개국 12,700여개의 자산입니다. 

해외 ETF의 장점은, 낮은 비용으로 꾸준히 자산을 늘려갈 수 있는 안정적인 투자가 가능하다는 것입니다. 또한 매년 250만원까지 수익이 비과세됩니다.



We offer you


✔️ Dividend yield

You can earn more from the dividends you receive every month.


✔️ Rebalancing

Rebalance portfolio to market changes.


✔️ Reasonable commission

No less important than the return on investment is the cost savings. Investment through AIM exempts securities companies from commissions and sales remuneration.



Safe your money


The actual investment is made in the securities account of your name. AIM provides professional investment advice on how to invest and increase assets in your account and provides mobile app services that make it easy to execute.


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